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Contract for Wedding Officiant Services

This contract is dated effective the ____ day of ___________________, 20_________(Effective Date). (today’s date)_____________________. This agreement made between the officiant, Annie Brust (known hereinafter in this contract as “Officiant”) and the Bride_________________________________ and Groom_________________________________ (known hereinafter in this contract as “Couple”) is for the purpose of retaining an Officiant to perform a marriage and wedding ceremony on the Couple’s behalf.

Bride’s number            (____) _____ -_______                      Email:__________________________________

Groom’s number (____) _____ -_______       Email:__________________________________


Officiant agrees to provide services to Couple on ____/____/20____ and arrive at the following location for the ceremony (include name of location and complete address):


________________________________________________________start ceremony at____:____ am/pm.

Any change to time, date, or place must be disclosed in advance to the officiant. The Contract may be cancelled or amended due to changes. Rehearsal Officiant shall arrive at (include name of location and complete address):


___________________________________on ____/____/20____and start rehearsal at ____:____ am/pm.

If the rehearsal runs over scheduled time, then there will be an additional $25 fee will accrue for each thirty (30) minute interval past start of contract scheduled time. Any change to time, date, or place must be disclosed in advance and approved by officiant. The Contract may be cancelled or amended due to changes.

  1. The Couple agrees to pay the Officiant the ceremony performance fee of $ _____________ as listed above plus any additional agreed upon services or unusual travel expenses not listed above. To reserve the date, a non-refundable retainer of $100.00 shall be remitted with this agreement. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the ceremony or at the rehearsal, if scheduled.

The Officiant warrants that she is a professional Officiant and recognized as a legally ordained minister wherein fully qualified to officiate at weddings.

The Ceremony

  1. The Officiant will provide the following services for the fee of $______________ under the terms of this agreement. All additional services as listed below are discretionary to the Couple and must be agreed to and paid in full at the rehearsal or if no rehearsal, seven (7) days prior to the service. All fees must be paid before services are performed.
  2. This agreement is valid for the wedding service as performed at stated place and date stated above. Any change to time, place or date must be provided in advance to (no less than 30 days prior) the Officiant and may be subject to additional fees. The Couple realizes that the Officiant performs other ceremonies for other Couples and that excessive lateness or change in time can create a serious conflict in the Officiant’s schedule. If the Couple changes the time or date of the scheduled ceremony without the Officiant’s consent, the Officiant reserves the right to cancel the performance of the ceremony and shall in no way be held responsible or liable in any manner for such non-performance.
  3. If circumstances cause the Couple to postpone the ceremony to another date, the Officiant will make every attempt to accommodate the new date. If the assigned Officiant is available for the new date, then all the Couple’s monies paid to date will be transferable if postponement is notified to the Officiant at least thirty (30) days prior to the original date. There may be additional charges if rescheduling results in extra costs. If the assigned Officiant cannot accommodate the new date, the Couple is responsible for finding a new officiant as well as paying any and all fees to the new officiant. The couple will be issued a refund less deposit.
  4. The couple has thirty (30) minutes from the above scheduled time to start the ceremony. If by no fault of the Officiant the ceremony starts thirty (30) minutes or more after the ceremony time listed above for any reason including but not limited to weather, delays caused by other vendors, the late arrival of guests or wedding party members, a late fee of $25 for every thirty (30) minute increment will accrue until the ceremony starts. These fees are due prior to the start of the ceremony or no ceremony will be performed. In the very unlikely event an extremely excessive delay results making it impossible for the Officiant to remain on-site, due to the officiant’s schedule, the couple remains responsible for the full Officiant fee.
  5. The Officiant will work with the Couple by email, telephone or in person for no more than two hours to allow them to prepare or choose their custom service. Officiant has sample services available for the Couple from which to choose or the Couple may chose to modify the samples services, create an original ceremony or use one of their own choosing. The Officiant reserves the right to refuse any service that she is not comfortable performing, at which time a refund may be made to the Couple, based upon parameters of contract.
  6. The Officiant gives permission to the Couple to use her likeness in any photographs, videos or other recording media in any manner for any purpose they wish. Likewise, the Couple gives permission to the Officiant to use her (their) likeness in any photograph, video or other form of media for marketing purposes.

Marriage License

  1. The Couple understands that they must obtain/provide a valid marriage license from the appropriate jurisdiction for which the ceremony will be performed and shall provide such valid marriage license to the Officiant to review and execute at the rehearsal or prior to the ceremony. The Officiant cannot perform a legal marriage ceremony without receiving the appropriate valid marriage license prior to the ceremony.
  2. If Couple does not provide valid identification and marriage license on date of ceremony, then only a symbolic ceremony can be performed. This will result in a non-legal status of husband and wife. A $100 convenience fee will apply if the Officiant must return to perform a civil ceremony at a later date and time, along with travel fees. However, it is in the discretion of the Officiant and a short, pre-written, and civil ceremony will be complete. The Couple also agrees to provide (if applicable) witness(es) to sign their marriage license. If the license is not received by the County Clerk, the Officiant will work cooperatively with the Couple to resolve the issue. Cost for replacement license, if any, will be assumed by the Couple unless failure to record is due to negligence or error on the part of the Officiant, in which case Officiant will assume the cost of the replacement license. If the Couple do not need the Officiant to complete the marriage license information (e.g. for a non-legal commitment ceremony or renewal of vows), no discount will be given.
  3. Upon presenting a valid marriage license to the Officiant, the Couple will sign the official marriage certificate. The responsibility of filing this certificate with the county clerk’s office is solely that of the Officiant. The Officiant is legally obligated to return the completed license to the County Clerk’s office where the License was obtained by the Couple within 30 (thirty) days of the wedding ceremony.

Payment Terms

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $100.00 must be provided at the time of booking to guarantee the wedding date and time. The remainder of the balance must be paid in full within seven (7) days prior to ceremony scheduled date. Failure to pay a deposit at the time of booking will release the Officiant from providing any services to the Couple under this agreement. Failure to pay in full before agreed date will result in late fees of $25 a day until wedding date OR ceremony agreement being revoked and the Officiant is no longer liable for further obligation. All fees must be paid prior to ceremony being performed.

Acceptable Forms of Payments: cash, debit card, American Express, MasterCard, Visa or PayPal as a form of payment. No checks are accepted and no exceptions will be made. A receipt will be given to Couple upon payment received.

Total $________ for ceremony service. $________fee for rehearsal (if applicable) $________deposit (50% of total service) OR $________paid in full. $________Balance.        *write zero where not applicable.

Cancellation from Officiant

In the unlikely event that the Officiant is unable to perform the ceremony for unforeseen reason (i.e. hospitalization, auto accident, and/or transportation breakdown/disruption), Officiant will make every attempt to notify the Couple and arrange for another ordained minister licensed and qualified to perform weddings. In such an event that no substitute is available, all monies paid by the Couple to the Officiant will be returned and the Couple hereby agrees that the Officiant will not be held liable for any damages (including punitive) due to the non-performance of the ceremony or function.


The Couple agrees to acknowledge the services being provided by the Officiant, in a dignified and respectful manner. If there is any discrepancy regarding services of Officiant, the Couple must submit a full written report to Officiant, _________________ no later than three (3) days immediately after performed ceremony in order for the parties involved to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. If both parties involved continue to disagree then a mediator will be used. Furthermore, Couple agrees to not post negative reviews on the internet (or elsewhere) or to make negative verbal or written statements until all efforts to resolve said discrepancy have been exhausted. Couple agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Officiant of and from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys’ fees and costs, to the extent caused by or arising out of or relating to the work of the Officiant. In no event shall the maximum liability hereunder exceed the amount actually paid to Officiant under this contract.

We hereby have read and acknowledge the stipulations of the contract and adhere to the document as a binding agreement and will follow said conditions/statutes as stated above. Hitherto all parties agree to stated terms and said conditions as specified in this document.

______________________________________                 _________________________________________

(Signature of Groom)                                                    (Signature of Bride)

Print full name: _________________________                  Print full name: ____________________________

Date: ________________                                        Date: _______________

**Electronic signature is a binding and legal signature.

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