Layout of Ceremony

Layout of Ceremony– click to download to print

Layout of Ceremony

Detail how you wish the ceremony to look in terms of where you would like to stand, the need for props (unity candle, etc.), where you would like your wedding party to stand, music, officiant, etc.

Officiant : ____________________________________________________________________________

Wedding party: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Musicians: ___________________________________________________________________________

Props: _______________________________________________________________________________

Photographer: _________________________________________________________________________

Additional notes: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Processional Processional Cues and Sequencing Worksheet

  1. Describe what will happen prior to the Wedding Party processing. Include who will determine when to start and who will cue whom; if mothers, grandmothers, or other honored guests will be formally seated; how the music will be coordinated; and how the Officiant, Groom, and Groomsmen will take their places.






  1. Describe the order in which the Wedding Party will walk up the aisle and where each one will go. If there is an aisle runner, who will attend to it and how will they be cued?




  1. Describe the sequencing of the Recessional and where each person will go once they are down the aisle. What will be the cue for the Musicians to begin playing? Will the parents follow the Wedding Party? Will there be a receiving line and, if so, where will it be and who will be in it? Who will be signing the marriage license, when and where will they meet the Officiant?


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